Module design of the machine clamping unit, injection unit and power unit to offer all aspects choice,TEDERIC offers Auto parts&Home appliance injection molding solution.

design highlights

➢Specialized plasticizing unit and Temp. monitoring unit for appliance, improve the quality and mixing result.
➢Optimized collocation for clamping unit and injection unit
➢Highly speed, intelligent control system
➢Superior precision, high response and big power servo system


classic case


Washer Case   TV Case
Specification:Washing machine barrel body   Specification:43-inch LCD TV back
Raw material:PP AZ564   Raw material:PC+ABS+15%GF
Weight:6920g   Weight:2023g
Reference models:D2200/i24000   Reference models:D1800/i13500
Cycle Time:138s   Cycle Time:66s
Freezer case   Display cases
Specification:Refrigerator drawer   Specification:32 inches in shell
Raw material:PP   Raw material:HIPS
Weight:720g   Weight:1010kg
Reference models:D800/i5800   Reference models:D800/i7500
Cycle Time:39s   Cycle Time:54s
Bumper case   Vehicle door plank case
Specification: front bumper of MAZDA(family) Specification: front door plank of VOLKSWAGEN (TIGUAN)
Material: modified PP   Material: PP+LGF30%
Weight: 5.6kg   Weight: 892g
Machine:D2800/i17800   Machine:D1500/i7500
  Cycling time: 95s   Cycling time: 42s
Specification: front bumper of HYUNDAI   BMG door interior trim part 
Material: modified PP   Material: TPE+ABS
Weight: 4.2kg   Weight: 8.4g+72.4g
Machine:DH1700/i13500   Machine:DH1400Dn/M5800M1100p
Cycling time: 65s   Cycling time: 55s



Low pressure injection、surface coating case Auto lamp case
Specification: backrest of AUDI A3   Specification: head lamp
Material: PP/PE-T15   Material: PC
Weight: 693g(coating not included)   Weight: 980g
Machine: D1250/i4800,   Machine:D1050/i7500
                 manual coating/unmoulding   Cycling time: 50s
  Cycling time: 96s    

NOTES: all the cases above just for reference only, the actual production situations are effected by molds, water cooling, robot arm and such relevant equipments.If our clients in require of any assistance, we TEDERIC will customize the turn-key solution according to the requirements with the co-operation from our peripheral device suppliers.