TEDERIC offers professional solutions for pipe fittings according to the molding characteristics of PVC, PPR and PE fittings etc.

design highlights

★ Professional PVC molding solution: PVC plasticizing unit, PVC air cooling fans for Temp control unit

★ Professional PPR molding solution: PPR plasticizing system, much bigger injection volume

★ Professional PE molding solution: J type extrusion & injection molding system with super big injection volume

★ Optimized energy saving servo system for pipe fitting project

classic case


DN280 t-branch pipe    OD700 cross pipe 
Material: PE80   Material: PE
Weight: 11.5Kg   Weight: 20Kg
Reference type: D600/JI24000(P190)   Reference type: D2200/JII54000(P200)
Cycling time: 22s   Cycling time: 330s
DN630 t-branch pipe   t-branch pipe (for draining)
Material: PE-100   Material: PVC
Weight: 148Kg   Weight: 2.16kg
Reference type: D2800/JI179000(P340)   Reference type: D500/i3800
Cycling time: 52s   Cycling time: 210s
DN25/S2.5, 90°      
Material: PPR    
Cavity: 12    
Weight: 28g    
Reference type: D200/i1100    
Cycling time: 83s    

NOTES: all the cases above just for reference only, the actual production situations are effected by molds, water cooling, robot arm and such relevant equipments.If our clients in require of any assistance, we TEDERIC will customize the turn-key solution according to the requirements with the co-operation from our peripheral device suppliers.