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        TEDERIC offers high efficient and economic solutions  for extra large plastic products according to the molding characteristics of pallet, container, dust bin etc.

design highlights

High productivity, high quality plasticizing system design based on the PE/PP material features

Big power, high speed, multiloop, energy saving servo hydraulic system

Flexible configuration of injection unit with reciprocating screw and piston


classic case



Pallet Case    Trash can case
Specification: Pallet   Specification: 240L
Raw material:PE   Material:PE
Weight: 12.5Kg   Weight: 11Kg
Reference models:DH4500/i91600   Machine:DH1700/JII35500
Cycle Time:140s   Cycling time:130s
Specification: 1200*1000*125   Fruit basket case
                        (by giant core pulling mould)   Specification: Disposable fruit basket
Material: HDPE   Material: PP
Weight: 14Kg   Weight: 1650g
Machine:D2200/i37000   Machine:D500/i4800
Cycling time: 180s   Cycling time: 23s
Box pallet case  
Fruit basket case
Specification: Fruit  basket
Material: PP
Weight: 740 g
Machine: D800/i5800
Cycling time: 30s
Specification: 700L,1200*990*850  
Material: HDPE  
Weight: 37kg(without bottom)  
Cycling time: 270s  


NOTES: all the cases above just for reference only, the actual production situations are effected by molds, water cooling, robot arm and such relevant equipments.If our clients in require of any assistance, we TEDERIC will customize the turn-key solution according to the requirements with the co-operation from our peripheral device suppliers.