Professional modularized design, plasticizing unit for engineering plastics, expanded options function, all to satisfy different demands. TEDERIC offer auto parts injection molding solution.

design highlights
  • Optimized collocation for clamping unit and injection unit, comparing to the clamping unit, the machine injection is smaller and can reach the higher injection pressure

  • Flexible option between three platen and two platen clamping unit
  • Specialized heating temperature monitoring system
  • High speed, intelligent control system
  • Superior precision, high response and big power fully close loop hydraulic servo system
  • Massive options functions are available, including high expansibility, fast mold changing system, multi-sets core pulling, sequential injection, multiunit hot runner etc. 
classic case
20L Painting bucket    8.5L, IML
Material: PP   Material: PP
Weight: 750g/pcs   Weight: 185g
Cavity: 1   Thickness: 1mm
Reference type: D600/i4800   Cavity: 1
Cycling time: 18s   Reference type: D500/i2500
    Cycling time: 18s
Dust bin IML   18L  engine oil bucket 
Material: PP   Material:  PP
Weight:250g   Weight: 620g
Cavity Qty: 1   Cavity:1
Reference type:DH550/M2500   Reference type:DH550/i5800
Cycle time: 13s   Cycling time: 21s

Plastic cable tie

Material:  PA

Weight: 130g

Cavity Qty: 64

Reference type:D380/M1100F

Cycling time: 23s



NOTES: all the cases above just for reference only, the actual production situations are effected by molds, water cooling, robot arm and such relevant equipments.If our clients in require of any assistance, we TEDERIC will customize the turn-key solution according to the requirements with the co-operation from our peripheral device suppliers.