TEDERIC provide effective, speedy and cost efficient solution for the demand of quick-forming and thin wall products

design highlights

➢Professional plasticizing system with good quality and high plasticizing

➢Electric plasticizing , realize the synchronization of mold open/close and charging

➢Enhance clamping unit and frame, to guarantee steady and speedy running

➢Highly responsive servo driver system and control system

➢Specialized highly speed hydraulic system



classic case


Thin-wall lunch box cover    lunch box 
Specification: 1000ml    Specification: 32 oz
Material: PP   Material:  PP
Weight: 4.6g   Weight: 22.8g
Cavity Qty: 4   Cavity Qty: 8
Reference type: D270/M640F   Reference type:D610/M2500F
Cycling time: 4.6s   Cycling time: 6s
Thin-wall lunch box   Thin-wall soup cup 
Specification: 1000ml   Material: PP
Material: PP   Weight: 15g/pcs
Weight: 16g   Thickness: 0.5mm
Cavity Qty: 4   Cavity  Qty: 8
Reference type: D380/M1100F   Reference type: D250/M900F
  Cycling time: 5s   Cycle time: 6s
Airline cup case   SPOON
Material: PS   Package automatic production system
Weight: 7g   Material: PS
Thickness: 0.5mm   Weight:3.8g
Cavity: 2   Cavity: 32
Reference type: D200/i850   Reference type:DE230/E620
Cycling time: 7s   Cycling time: 13s
IML CUP      
Material: PP    
Weight: 8.5g    
Cavity Qty: 4    
Reference type: D270/M640F    
Cycle time: 4.5s    

NOTES: all the cases above just for reference only, the actual production situations are effected by molds, water cooling, robot arm and such relevant equipments.If our clients in require of any assistance, we TEDERIC will customize the turn-key solution according to the requirements with the co-operation from our peripheral device suppliers.