DT-M(F) Single-cylinder High Speed Injection Molding Machine

Clamping unitInjection unitDriven systemController
T: toggle unit
M: single injection cylinder with volume 324cm³-992cm³Hydraulic pump by servo motor with big powerTechmation & Keba

  • DT-M(F) Single-cylinder High Speed Injection Molding Machine
  • DT-M(F) Single-cylinder High Speed Injection Molding Machine


TEDERIC Single-cylinder high speed injection molding machine is adopting modular design, the single-cylinder one-line high performance injection plasticizing system is equipped with high-rigidity inclined row hyperbolic elbow five hinge internal roll mold closure mechanism, which is specially tailored for high-speed precision thin-wall injection molding solution, with the advantages of precision, energy saving, high efficiency and stability. The injection volume of this toggle type injection molding machine is from 324cm³ to 992cm³. Compared with ram clamping, toggle clamping has a smaller force from the clamping cylinder is converted to a larger clamping force by means of mechanical toggle, high speed operation and less power consumption.

Design Highlights:

Compact Design

Using one - line injection-plasticization system.

Compact Design

Perfect Plastic Effect

Selected professional plastic parts to achieve it.

Perfect Plastic Effect

Longer Machine Service Life

Using high rigidity V shape clamping structure.

Longer Machine Service  Life

Reducing Oil Leakage Possibility

Welding-free design on hydraulic circuit.

Reducing Oil Leakage Possibility


  • Precision: high performance Injection plasticizing system, injection position accuracy ±0.5mm, heating temperature control accuracy ±0.5 ℃;

  • Energy saving: using the leading servo power system, 30 millisecond high response, energy saving 30%~80%  compared to the traditional hydraulic system.

  • High speed: using single cylinder one-line injection-plasticization system.

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