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2019 Tederic Semi-annual conference successfully held in Sanya


This July witnessed successful Tederic semi-annual conference as well as team constructive activities in Sanya where enjoys “Eastern Hawaii “reputation.

All the glorious achievements we made and the path we walked during the past one decade were summarized in this city with beautiful seaside scenery. Tederic has completed three “5 year plan” from 2003-2008,2008-2013,2013-2018 respectively .Began with first machine manufacture to stabilize traditional production ,capital technology became mature, then listed in the capital market ,Tederic has already been listed forefront among the industry .Tederic will continuously move ahead with the target of high-quality ,globalization and century.



Half-year has already passed, company’s management system and mode had been improved to a great extend with common efforts among employees. Besides, new SAP system platform adopted, KPI performance managing system implemented, talents motivation and career plans policy put forward.


At same time, we made a great breakthrough on the field of technical innovation and marketing of products .During the past 6 months, under such a smooth marketing environment for injection molding machine industry, Tederic selling profit increased dramatically, which vividly reflected additional value for two-platen machines ,full-electric machines and multi-component technology and core competitiveness for super-large machines as well.


Tereric will make a long-term plan for the future development Creating and improving values by innovating technology, products, solutions and professional service operation team to master service market. Strengthen innovation with efforts, work together and make mutual progress with customers and build dream for permanent cooperation.


Work together

Constructing environmental protection market:  

Progress toilet innovation “beautiful village” On the basis of septic tanks and construct “civilized city” for garbage classification on the fundamental of dust bins.


Extending multi-component machines application:

Strengthen market breakthrough for horizontal rotary platen and large two-platen multi-color machines, concentrate on multi-component automobile forming.


Improving technical advantages and innovations:

Make a good of Structural Mucell and 7000T super-large machines applications and technical development of precise medical products of Full-electric series.


Upgrading all series:

Upgrading cost for all production lines and accumulating specialized machines solutions so as to shorten lead time and customer cost input.


Strengthening intelligent manufacture:

Upgrading and practicing Tederic”MES ”service ,do our utmost to provide customers intelligent plant programs.


Abundant team constructive activities

With the purpose of motivating employees’ passion, reinforcing cohesion and strengthening team awareness .Tederic members organized various activities beside such charming coastal city

We selected six team leader through campaign speech ,each of them lead their own teams carried out wonderful and dramatic competition .If you noticed a group of young people were running instead of enjoying such beautiful scenery, there is no doubt that they are Tederic members who are pursuing for success with all their efforts.


This summer, we are together

This decade, we are together

Future ,we are together