Tederic Participates in Plast Expo Morocco 2019

The Exhibition Preview and report

As the largest special exhibition in Africa, Plast expo2019 Morocco has a very high status and influence in the African plastic machinery industry. Holding in every two years, Morocco plastic exhibition has become a very important event for the plastic industry in North Africa, and provides more cooperation opportunities for customers in Arab countries and neighboring countries. In recent years, plastic processing machinery imported from Morocco has been on a steady rise.

From June 25th to 28th, Tederic displayed the injection molding machines at booth J3 of OFEC exhibition hall in Morocco.

Equipment: D200/i850

Pattern:4 pcs in 1 time, honey barrel cap

Single weight: 7 g

Production cycle: 9 s


As a bridge linking of "One Belt And One Road" to Africa, Morocco has good relationship and economic communication with China. Together with South Africa, he will become an important base for Tederic's continued expansion and sustainable development in the African market. With the spreading of Tederic Machinery injection molding solution service in Africa, we will continue to expand the market and create "Global Tederic".