Chinaplas2019 ,Welcome to tederic 4.1K41

The Exhibition Preview and report

Exhibition Date: May21-24,2019 (9:00-17:00)

Exhibition Venue: China Import&Export Fair Complex, Pazhou,Guangzhou,PRchina

Booth No.: 4.1K41


The 33th Chinaplas2019 will be held from May 21th to May 24th in Guangzhou. As ranked second in the world and First in Asia, Chinaplas2019 has attracted oceans of celebrities of plastic production industry field. Various advanced technology and intelligent schemes will be exhibited in this superb one-stop fair.


Tederic Machinery (stock code: 603289.SH) is a professional plastic injection molding machine supplier with plenty of experience in advanced plastic injection molding machine research and improvement. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth, offering you touchable experiences of our high-quality machines and equipments.



  1. Dream series 800T full electric fast plastic injection molding machine (DE) first appears. It is designed for eight cavities USA standard food box production with improved structure designing and quick-respond control system, which makes faster injection speed, electric automatic clamping, lower load of clamping structure, higher sensitivity low pressure mold protection and faster automatic mold adjustment possible. This machine with the quality of full electricity and high speed can fast and precisely make plastic productions which corresponds to the high production standard of thin-wall fast-consuming plastic packing productions.

  1. Classic electric plastic injection molding machine (DE-C) for electronic. 258T, centralized independent servo pump station for carriage, ejection and mold adjustment, with precise electric clamping and injection system. Higher quality, lower investment cost and 2 cavities for electronic wire spool production. The injection precision can reach 0.01mm, and the weight of the wire spool can be less than 19g.

  1. A live exhibition for “Intelligent Plastic Cloud” MES intelligent injection molding machine iCloud network service. We could monitor and alarm your equipment function state, observe the production processing, store the equipment parameters in the cloud. With centralized feeding system, Tederic Machinery will bring you the marvellous “Light out Factory” experiences.