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TEDERIC participates international Plastics and rubber machines industry safety standard Formulation


Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. TEDERIC, as one of the leading brands in IMM industries, are invited to attend the “ISO TC270/WG3 Safety Standard Requirement Formulation Conference”which held by UNM (Union de Normalisation de la Mécanique).


After 2 days’ communication and discussion, attenders from all over the world had reached a consensus on some safety standard and regulations, improved the final formulation draft, and further discussion was still required.


TEDERIC has repeatedly undertaken the National Torch Program Project, drafted and formulated industry standards such as "Screw Plunger Plastic Injection Molding Machine", and participated in the revision of the ISO20430 and GB22530, meanwhile, our full ranges of production lines meet CE/ANSI/SPI/KCS/NR12 safety standard.


TEDERIC will keep dedicating for the IMM industry development.