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Tie-bar retraction function:For over-sized molds and low ceiling heights


maximization of space utilization rate

over-sized mold installation

rational utilization of limited resources

more utilization possibility


TEDERIC giant two-platen IMM is widely used in all kinds of plastic injection industries and solves the dilemma of “bigger tonnage IMM with less foot-print” to a large extent, and now, we make our further innovation on “tie bar retraction” to maximize the space utilization rate and simplify the mold installation.

Under the circumstance the your developing plan were restricted by the limited factory space, or it took tough time during molding insuall, what would be the solution in your mind if recall the past?


Increase the ceiling height? Dig the foundation below ground level? Or extend the clamping unit length?

Tie-bar retraction function:cost-saving, worry-free, high efficiency


TEDERICt auto tie-bar retraction structure

  1. Equipped with gripping device for clamping cylinder to ensure the clamping operation,
  2. Specialized cylinder for tie bar retraction,
  3. Linear guider as guidance
  4. Easy matching with auto mold changer
  5. Suitable for auto parts industrial