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Annual fire emergency drills


Safety is always the first requirement and standard in TEDERIC long term 6S management. In recent years, when our company constantly upgrades the overall specifications of factory, hardware facilities and strictly controls the quality of equipment, our company also firmly takes precautions against and eliminates all security risks on the management.


Prevention is essential; the ability to respond in an emergency is also indispensable. No matter prevention or response, the most important is the man. Everyone should have the necessary consciousness and skills.


TEDERIC launched a fire drill for new employees in 2017.Though combining the explaining and actual combat, deepening learning and competitive exercise, the staff’s awareness of fire fighting and self-rescue as well as ability can be enhanced.


First, the security captain tells some good habits of fire prevention in daily life and some basic theoretical knowledge of fire prevention to teach the core of ensuring the personal safety. At the same time, the security captain leaded us to practice the escape methods and techniques during the fire. Then the company combined fire extinguishers, hydrants and other professional fire equipment to guide the demonstration of the correct way to extinguish the fire. After the employees master the skills, our company arranged a serious and exciting actual combat exercises.


During the practice of fire drills, we selected a number of “fire pioneer” in a competitive manner and issued a certificate. Prize is valuable but life is priceless. All this things will inspire young people and all employees to take safety and cautions attitude towards production and deal with fires calmly.